Keynote Lecture

Dr. Alec Lapira
ENT Specialist and an Audio-Vestibular Physician at St. James & Capua Hospitals, Malta
Lecturer on Voice & ENT disorders at the University of Malta
Adjunct Professor in Audiology at Nova Southeastern University of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Vestibular migraine diagnosis: intervention and prevention

Vestibular migraine (VM) represents the most common cause of episodic vertigo after benign positional vertigo, by far exceeding Ménière’s disease. The presentation of VM varies with symptoms of spontaneous and positional vertigo, head motion vertigo/dizziness and ataxia of variable duration, ranging from seconds to days. Most episodes have no temporal relationship with the headache.

Published reports on vestibular migraine management are still relatively few, despite its enormous importance in daily practice. In 2003 the first clinical definition of vestibular migraine was proposed. Studies published before used variable terms for vestibular migraine.

Some authors recommend treating vestibular migraine using multiple drugs; others have focused on using only one drug. Presently it is not possible to quantify the effects of the treatments proposed but some recommendations can be made.

The presentation will highlight:

  • exploring the pathophysiology of VM,
  • defining diagnostic markers for VM,
  • differences between Ménière’s disease and vestibular migraine,
  • diagnostic tests and treatment of VM.