Keynote Lecture

Dr. Piers Dawes
Senior Lecturer in Audiology
Manchester Centre for Audiology and Deafness (ManCAD)
School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Biological, Medical and Health Sciences

Hearing and Mind: What should we do about hearing loss to promote cognitive well-being in older age?

Age-related hearing loss is a marker of risk of cognitive decline and dementia. I will outline possible links between hearing impairment and cognition, including hearing loss as a biomarker for cognitive well-being, the impact of cognitive declines on ‘listening’ and hearing impairment as a causal contributor to cognitive decline and poor quality of life in older age.

I will share recent research including our own work modelling associations between hearing impairment and cognition as well as the impact of hearing interventions on cognition. I will argue that effective prevention, identification and management of hearing problems represents an important opportunity to optimise well-being and quality of life in older age.