Keynote Lecture

Prof. Dr. Stefan K. Plontke
Martin Luther University Hospital Halle-Wittenberg

Pharmacological treatment of the in the inner ear: Influence of molecular properties and delivery paradigms on pharmacokinetics

Stefan K. Plontke and Alec N. Salt

Local drug delivery to the ear has gained wide clinical acceptance, with the choice of drug and application protocol in humans largely empirically-derived. This presentation reviews the pharmacokinetics underlying local therapy of the ear on the basis of examples of drugs commonly used in clinical practice. Based on molecular properties and perilymph measurements interpreted through computer simulations we now better understand the principles underlying entry, distribution, and elimination of these and other drugs in the ear. Future directions of inner ear drug therapy in humans involve drug delivery in combination with auditory implants (drug-device combinations) and intracochlear or intralabyrinthine drug delivery.